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5 Steps for Deciding on a Senior Living Option

Updated: Dec 13, 2022

In our previous blog “10 Different Types of Senior Housing”, we highlighted the benefits & features of the different types of communities. The question is, how do you choose which option is best for you or your loved one? Depending on your needs & situation, the best option for you can be different from even someone you know.

Here are the 5 Steps for Deciding on a Senior Living Option that works for you!

Real Estate 5 Steps for Deciding on a Senior Living Option - Family Lifestyle

Do Your Research

With so many Assisted & Independent Living options to choose from, taking the time to research each option early on will make it easy to choose when the time comes. Changes in life can be stressful but knowing your options can really help to lessen the burden!

Check out our “10 Different Types of Senior Housing” blog.

Determine Your Daily Life Expectations

The activities & social life you enjoy can be an important factor in which Senior Living option is best for you. Seniors who want to enjoy activities that fit their lives may choose a community with residents their own age. Some seniors may choose to be a part of the broader community to enjoy unrestricted access to their families.

Consider Medical Needs

As we grow wiser through the years, our mobility & medical needs will change. Speaking with your doctor about your needs can provide a lot of insight on which type of Senior Living option is right for you. Most importantly, their expertise can help you plan for your needs in the future.

Plan Your Finances

Healthcare & other Retirement needs can be very expensive. Consulting with a Financial Advisor that specializes in Medicare/Medicaid & retirement accounts will help you determine which options are within your budget. Financial Advisors will help you determine your current finances while also planning for future situations.

Visit Potential Communities

Once you know the type of community that works best for you or a loved one, we recommend you visit several communities to determine the best option. While visiting, take some time to tour the building & amenities, talk to residents, & maybe join in an activity! While planning for your future living options, the community you decide on should feel like home!

Which Senior Living Option is Best for You?

When considering which Senior Living option, researching the different communities can provide valuable insight on if they can meet your needs. Considering your daily life expectations as well as your medical needs will narrow the options that work best for you. Since healthcare & retirement needs can be very expensive, consulting with your financial advisor will help you plan for your immediate & future needs. With the options that fit your needs in mind, take some time to visit several communities that offer the services & amenities you’re looking for & enjoy some social time with some residents!

Are you or a loved one considering your options for retirement or downsizing?

We are happy to answer any questions you may have about your options, add a comment below or give us a call at any time!

Senior Living Options Sources:

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