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As a licensed real estate Broker, Doug has deep experience with many different facets of real estate including estate properties, vacant houses, traditional listing and selling, apartment buildings and investment property sales, and managing real estate investment property partnerships. Grimm Realty Group is licensed in Minnesota and primarily works in the Greater West Saint Paul area. We focus on exceptional service to all of our clients through effective communications & providing value throughout the Real Estate process. GRG has represented buyers, sellers, & investors on single-family, townhomes, condos, & investment properties. 

Latest Minnesota Real Estate Market Update

As we wrap up the 3rd quarter of 2022, the market is notably different than it was at the beginning of 2022. Mortgage rates, inventory, & market uncertainty are factors you hear about on the news & social media. In reality, mortgage rates at the beginning of 2022 were historically low so it’s only natural we see them go back up to more normal rates. As many buyers were effectively priced out by mid-2022, inventory has begun to increase & average listing prices began to plateau. In fact, the national average for inventory has increased YOY by 1.3% by the end of the third quarter. Rental pricing has also slowed at this time despite many millennials moving back into the cities. While Q4 is expected to bring additional increases in the mortgage rate, the market is still active with buyers who couldn't find the right home & sellers who are more patient with a quality home. For the full story on the current market, check out our Q3 2022 Twin Cities Real Estate Market Update blog.

You can read the full story here: Q3 2022 Twin Cities Real Estate Market Update

Complimentary Property Market Analysis

Grimm Realty Group is proud to provide homeowners & property investors with a Complimentary Market Analysis. Whether you are a single-family owner or own investment property, we will analyze the local market to determine the value. Not sure if you want to sell or not? Our Market Analysis is the first step in preparing your home or property for sale. Visit our Market Analysis pages for more information! You can also schedule a 15-minute Zoom Call with Doug HERE.

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Experience in the Minnesota Real Estate Market

Doug Grimm is a Minnesota-licensed Broker and has been a full-time Real Estate Practitioner since 2002. Doug has deep experience in estate and probate situations, vacant properties, traditional listing and selling, & managing investment properties. Grimm Realty Group focuses on exceptional service to all of our clients and providing value throughout the Real Estate process. Click through to read our full story.

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