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8 Benefits of a Home Inspection

Updated: Oct 23, 2022

Inspections are known for being a necessary evil. It may not always be the price we were hoping for, but a good home inspection has the potential to let us know what upkeep the property will need in the coming months and years. Whether you are facing a home inspection for a buy/sell situation or for a rental property, the knowledge you have of a property will turn in your favor.

Let’s explore reasons why inspections should be considered a friend and not an enemy.

8 Benefits of a Home Inspection - Homeowners Insurance, Buyers Leverage, Future Costs, Peace of Mind, Structural Damages, Detailed Home Walk Through, Condition of Amenities, Avoid Buyer's Regret

#1 Homeowners Insurance

An inspection is the biggest key factor when getting HomeOwners Insurance. Without having a recent/up-to-date inspection, there is little chance you will be able to attain Homeowners Insurance and allow yourself a structural game plan for the unknowns.

#2 Buyers Leverage

Whether you are a first-time buyer or a seasoned one, you will be told a few times that having an inspection allows you leverage when going to the table. You are able to request reasonable repairs to be made on the property to make sure it is up to code. Let’s not forget that with this information, you have the power for a little negotiation to take place (if advised).

#3 Future Costs

Since everything costs money, it is rather helpful to have some idea of what expenses you are looking at in the future. This allows you to start to save for future upkeep, minimizing the need for loans and avoiding debt.

#4 Peace of Mind

When paying hundreds of thousands of dollars for a home, would you want to know that you are making a wise investment that is not going to crumble out from underneath you? An inspection allows us to know that the structure we chose to live in is able to upstand the demands.

#5 Any Structural Damages?

Nothing is worse than not knowing if your home is under attack from a silent invasion of termites. Having the ability to eat away at sturdy wood till it is able to be demolished with the pressure of a squeezed hand- being able to prevent it is priceless.

#6 A Detailed Home Walk Through

Depending on the schedule you are on in purchasing the property, there may be weeks and even months from the initial walk-through and offer to the inspection. It is always a plus to get not only a walk-through but to be able to see the places that may need work rather than simply reading about it with no reference.

#7 Condition of Amenities

Regardless of if the property was listed for a few days or a few weeks, it is imperative to know that the water/drainage, heat/air, and electricity are all in working order and within a reasonable timeframe of being replaced or serviced. One of the last things you need is finding out you have no water or properly working electricity after papers are signed and it's all yours to address.

#8 Avoid Buyer's Regret

Being able to note and carefully consider all of the points made thus far, you are able to be well informed and walk away if the condition of the property proves to be too poor or needs too many costly repairs to be liveable.

Request a Consultation: Increasing Your Home's Value

Needless to say, adding a few hundred dollars to an already several thousand dollar purchases to gain detailed information on the present condition and a look into the future needs of a property is well worth it.

In dealing with many big and small decisions when buying a property, it is always helpful to have a leading hand when you are stuck. With nearly 20 years of experience, Doug is armed with the knowledge of ins and outs when coming to the table and will ensure you walk away with confidence and the best deal possible!

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