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The History of the Twin Cities Minnesota

Updated: Oct 23, 2022

In 1872, the towns of Minneapolis and St. Paul were established as the Twin Cities under the terms of a social agreement. It was no longer accepted that one city would resist residence and services from a company or individual that resided within the “competitions” territory. While a 19th-century rivalry for best progress and development was known to lead to violence, these two cities have learned to co-exist. With the advantage of the Mississippi River, the twin cities became “the industrial, commercial and cultural hub of the Upper Midwest” ( modern urban lifestyle). The Mississippi River was also a culprit in giving Minneapolis the nickname of ‘Mill City’ by providing entrepreneurs the means to “use hydraulic power… to mill flour and saw lumber” (modern urban lifestyle). This can be reasonably tied to the fact that after WWII, the “urban growth exploded and turned into farmlands” (modern urban lifestyle).

The History of the Twin Cities Minnesota - View of Downtown Minneapolis

Twin Cities Historical Sites:

St. Bernard’s Catholic Church

Standing proud at 117 years old, St. Bernard’s Church is still the place for weddings, baptisms, church services, and a capsule of history from 1905 till now.

Grain Belt Brew House

The Grain Belt Brew House was the second brew house in Minnesota built by a man named John Orth in 1850. Due to a fire that occurred in 1893, the original brew house was burned down and is not ‘marked’ by a courtyard. A second Grain Belt Brew House was built right across the street from the original so its products are able to be enjoyed to this day.

Van Dusen Mansion

While this gorgeous home was originally built in 1893 for George Washinton Van Dusen and his wife Nancey, this was not its only use. After the death of Mr. Van Dusen, the building was then repurposed for commercial use and then later abandoned. Although this property would undergo decades of being abandoned, thankfully it was purchased just days before it was set to be demolished. Now this restored building can be enjoyed by activities outlined on their website.

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