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Aging in Place

Updated: Nov 20, 2022

Aging in Place is one of many options seniors have when considering their residence through retirement years. Independent & Assisted Living options provide all kinds of resources to fit the needs of our seniors. From medical assistance to lifestyle activities, these locations are usually all-inclusive for your senior living needs. However, many of our elders still live in the same home that we grew up in so it’s no surprise that many chose to stay put as they grow older. While Aging in Place provides the freedom & familiarity of the decades that have passed, seniors can always use supplementary services to assist them with their day-to-day lives. Here we break down preparing your home for Aging in Place & provide some additional support suggestions.

Aging in Place - Senior Living Insights by Grimm Realty Group

Preparing Your Home for Aging

As we or our loved ones get older, planning out the next years can save a lot of hassle & improve the quality of life. From medical assistance to the lifestyle we aren’t ready to give up, making sure you have your plans in place can help us enjoy the finer years of life. As your medical needs change, you’ll want to have your healthcare needs as a part of your plan. From at-home healthcare to assisted living facilities, choosing the right living situation for your health needs isn’t just a today decision. One option to consider is hiring an at-home healthcare provider. While you may only need a checkup once per week for the time being, these healthcare providers can continue to provide care as you continue to age.

Something else to consider when Aging in Place is the upkeep of the home. As we get older, smaller tasks like raking leaves & touching up paint become more difficult. Even larger projects like powerwashing & DIY projects also become more of a challenge. One thing to keep in mind as you grow older is how many home improvement projects you will need to hire someone to do in order to maintain a quality home.

Twin Cities Minnesota Support for Aging in Place

Between state & local governments, senior living facilities & services, & several non-profits, there are plenty of resources available for those choosing to Age in Place or to move to a residence that better suits their needs. One option is the National Aging in Place Council which has local resources for the Twin Cities NW Metro area. Additionally, Minnesota Seniors Online is a fantastic directory for seniors’ needs, from legal & financial support to house maintenance & lifestyle options. If you’re unable to find the support that you or a loved one needs, feel free to reach out & we can direct you to additional resources we have.

Supporting Your Home Needs Through Aging

If you or a loved one is considering your options for senior living, make sure you review the financial, healthcare, & lifestyle needs for your retirement plan. Aging in Place is an excellent option for those who wish to continue to enjoy their current living situations. For those who require some extra assistance, consider downsizing your existing home or moving to a retirement facility. No matter your goals, Grimm Realty Group can help you navigate the market & provide additional resources you may need.

Grimm Realty Group is located in the neighborhood of West Saint Paul, Minnesota where Doug has been a Real Estate Agent for over 20 years. With such a rich history & so many opportunities to enjoy life, the Twin Cities has a lot to offer everyone. Follow us for more insights on the Twin Cities & for regular updates on the Real Estate Market!

Are you or a loved one considering your options for retirement or downsizing?

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Additional Sources for Paying for Senior Care:

MN.Gov: Senior Linkage Line

National Insititute on Aging: Aging in Place: Growing Older at Home Aging in Place

National Aging in Place Counsel: Twin Cities Minnesota Resources

Minnesota Seniors Online: Directory of Services


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