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3 Ways to Liven Up Your Outdoor Space

Updated: Oct 23, 2022

With warm and sunny days fast approaching, the need for appealing and meal-friendly outdoor spaces is growing. It is now time for all those summer yard plans to come to fruition. When taking on outdoor projects, be sure to note where you may need to hire someone and where you will be able to do it yourself. Let’s take a look at 3 Ways to Liven Up Your Outdoor Space for the summer.

3 Ways to Liven Up Your Outdoor Space - Outdoor Patio, Grill, & Fireplace


You’ve probably heard the term “First Impressions Matter” and with a For Sale Home that is very true! When the buyer parks for a tour or Open House, the first questions they will ask themselves are about the front of the house. How is the yard? How is the landscaping? Do any flower beds need cleaning up or freshening up? Is any weeding necessary? Does the exterior need new paint? Is the yard picked up & maintained!? Simple do-it-yourself projects in the garden & yard almost instantly increases perceived value, hiring professionals can take the outdoor space to the next level. In fact, HomeLight agents found that buyers will pay 7% more for a house with great curb appeal & the average ROI is 238%!

Outdoor Living Space

Depending on what you want, landscaping can be a simple and budget-friendly way to spruce your lawn. An easy first step would be to add some plants to your yard. If you are not one with an advent green thumb, potted plants can be the way to go. Potted plants allow you to change their location to fit your aesthetic without making a huge mess or digging holes.

Another quick yard ‘clean up’ is to trim your trees and bushes. You may need to hire someone to trim your trees depending on the height and type of trees. With a trim, your lawn is given that proud and maintained look that potential buyers like.

Leave no weed left behind. After all that trimming and strategic plant placing, the last thing you want is a weed messing up your hard work. You can either pull the weed or apply a lawn-safe weed killer.

If you feel like your lawn could still use a little sparkle, you could place flowers or lights along the walkway up to your front door. Doing this can be a way to gently remind visitors to stay on the path and off your exquisite lawn.

Home Exterior Features

When it comes to the exterior, you may be looking at spending some decent money. Of course, there are things you can do at minimal cost like update your light fixtures and clean out the gutters. However, the improvements that catch the most eyes are facets like having the house painted and getting solar panels. While these high-ticket items may hurt your wallet when starting, there is no telling how much they will increase the value of your home. One more project to consider would be to extend your garage from a two-car to a three-car garage. Garage expansion is a double hitter project because it holds the curb appeal factor and increases the home's value.

Request a Consultation: Increasing Your Home's Value

In doing sprucing or remodeling to increase your home's value for selling, please speak with a Realtor or Financial Advisor to compare the cost of the project and the percentage increase it will have on the home. It is easy to get caught thinking something will add value when it simply plays to curb appeal. Happy Lawn Sprucing!

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