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The Keys to Maintaining Your Home: A Beginners Guide

Updated: Oct 23, 2022

Maintaining a home can be a daunting task for any owner but it is important if you wish to sell your home in the future. Taking bite-sized steps with your weekly, monthly, & yearly maintenance can make it seem like a piece of cake. Although small problems are simple fixes now, spending the time to address them can prevent them from being disastrous later & hurting your resale value. From regular cleaning to repairing damaged features, we cover The Keys to Maintaining Your Home with this easy-to-follow guide. Let us know your favorite & least favorite maintenance tasks in the comments below!

Key to Maintaining Your Home - Real Estate - DIY Improvements

Weekly Home Maintenance:

Probably the easiest way to keep your home in high standards is a regular cleaning schedule for indoor & outdoor spaces. Depending on your home’s features, you may choose to clean & organize a room per week & have the room looking picture perfect. If you’re planning a bigger project like re-painting, you may decide to simply tidy up your home that week (or skip it that week, we won’t judge 😎). Ideally, we would recommend wiping the main surfaces & a quick sweep or mop each week to help maintain the condition of those features.

5 Features to Address Weekly:

1. Floors

Vacuum or mop the main areas of the home. Removing shoes at the door does help save some time here, we promise. Don’t worry, we’re guilty too.😉

2. Exterior

Spending about 30 minutes on an exterior maintenance project can help keep a shining curb appeal. This could even be a game of “Pick-Up-Sticks” 😄

3. Bedroom

The main purpose of a bedroom is to relax & be comfortable. Tidying up your bedroom each week will help those “long days” in life to drift away.

4. Bathroom

Probably everybody’s least favorite room to clean, can we leave it at that? We will say cleaning the drains properly will significantly help prevent water damages.

5. Kitchen

Cleaning countertops & tabletops will help to maintain their quality over time. If you enjoy cooking like us, you can understand how important a clean kitchen can be to how much fun we have. Starting off with clean dishes is the way to go!

Monthly Home Maintenance:

There are a lot of home maintenance items that can be addressed but we often don’t get to do them. Most of these may be harder-to-reach features, but we recommend scheduling a day & just knocking it out! Monthly tasks are often to prevent larger problems from occurring such as fires, floods, or mold so regularly addressing them is highly recommended.

5 Monthly Home Maintenance Tasks:

  1. Cleaning or replacing range hoods & furnace filters

  2. Dusting those pesky baseboards or ceiling fans

  3. Checking the smoke & carbon monoxide detectors

  4. Cleaning up the landscaping from debris

  5. Inspecting important features & repairing major issues (leaking roof or busted pipes)

Yearly Home Maintenance:

Some home maintenance checklist items are more backbreaking than others, those are the ones we recommend you address on a yearly basis. Although some projects are seasonal (like exterior work), there are some that can be taken care of on any given weekend. Depending on your lifestyle & your home, you may want to employ some helpers to address these bigger items.

10 “Spring Cleaning” Ideas:

  1. Garages, basements, & attics are notorious for being those spaces that become cluttered.

  2. Nothing says Spring Cleaning like washing the windows & screens to let all that sunshine in!

  3. On a nice day, grab a ladder & clear debris from gutters & downspouts

  4. Removing weeds, adding mulch, & repairing features in the landscape (lighting or fountains)

  5. Spend a rainy or winter day fixing holes, scuffs, & dents to walls/floors/etc.

  6. Let there be Light! Restore power to dead outlets & fixing lighting features

  7. Regrout or recaulk kitchen & bathroom fixtures to prevent leaks later

  8. Freshen up one room with a new coat of paint or by replacing furnishings

  9. Repaint or refinish the exterior features such as shudders & porch railings

  10. Take on a large home improvement project like new kitchen cabinets or an outside deck

Home Maintenance = Higher Resale Value:

Home Maintenance tasks range from those weekly cleaning items to larger home improvements & repairs. Having a regular routine for the weekly items will help you manage the larger projects & can even prevent those big-ticket items from becoming disastrous. Weekly cleaning, monthly maintenance, & yearly improvement projects are The Keys to Maintaining Your Home so you can have a higher resale value.

Have a quick tip that helped you sell your home easily?

We would love to hear about it so drop a comment below!

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