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Real Estate Pro Tip Series: To Stage or Not To Stage?

Updated: Oct 23, 2022

To Stage or Not to Stage, that is the question! From the early years of home staging to modern-day, the goal has been to help buyers visualize themselves living in their new home. What started as a trend to spice up those hard-to-sell homes, has evolved into presenting a fresh canvas for the buyer’s dream. Buyers have become more particular in their choices over time, even with the current seller’s market (it’s kind of a big purchase!). Thoughtfully staging your home can help them envision their life in the home, not to mention those future DIY projects!

Staged Kitchen & Dining - Real Estate For Sale Staging

Why Staging Matters

Whether you have an empty house or you’re waiting to move, staging a home has a huge impact on buyer perception. Packing up some things early will help you move sooner, plus it will make the home appear much more spacious. Adding some furnishings back to an empty home will help the buyer visualize their lives. So, should you consider staging your home before listing? Here’s 5 reasons why you should!

  1. Higher Offers, Faster Sales - 47% of Buyers cited home staging as affecting their perceived value & 82% of buyers said it made it easier to visualize them living in the home. View the National Association of Realtors Report on Staging HERE

  2. First Impressions - When buyers are searching for a home, they are looking for a well-maintained, visually appealing, & functional home (size, layout, etc.). Taking the time to make the home inviting & improving the visual appeal goes a long way in your home standing out from the competition.

  3. Bigger Rooms, Better Purpose - Staging professionals have a keen eye for positioning furniture to make the most of those precious square feet. With thoughtful furnishings, sellers can make the most of all those nooks & crannies... Boom, Add a Bookshelf 🤓

  4. Going Online - In today’s world, the online listing of your home is incredibly important. Staging your home before capturing high-res pictures gives you Curb Appeal before the buyers even make the trip for a tour. ProTip: Consider capturing a 3D Virtual Tour!

  5. Move-In Ready - When a buyer is walking through a home, they are mentally calculating all the different repairs & upgrades they will need to do. Staging (& doing necessary repairs) helps ease the worries of buying a new home & increases the likelihood of a sale. Who doesn’t want their house warming party sooner than later!?

ProTip: Buyer’s Agents love a well-staged home because they know their buyers are going to enjoy a tour more than with an un-staged home. The higher the Curb Appeal, the higher the chance that the agents will show their buyers the listing.

Costs of Staging

So what does it cost to stage your home? A good rule of thumb is that more expensive homes have more expensive staging costs. Many stagers have an upfront cost for moving and placing the furnishings (usually ranging from $1500 for a smaller home to $5,000 or more for larger homes over 5,000 square feet) and then some companies will charge a monthly rental fee beyond the 30-day mark. Although pricing will vary on a number of factors, staging could start as low as $200/month & could go up to $2500/month. The quality of furnishings & the amount of staging needed are two important cost factors. Additional costs may include the purchase of new furnishings, although stagers will mainly work with the seller’s furniture. If the seller’s furniture is bulky, additional helpers may increase the costs as well. While most staging companies will require a 3-month contract, sometimes staging costs are billed monthly. Asking your Agent what they recommend can be a good start since home staging can become expensive in some situations. Depending on the condition of your home, you may also consider a consultation with a staging company first for quick improvements at a lower cost. You can check out the HomeAdvisor Staging Cost Estimator HERE for an in-depth look into the costs of staging your home.

To Stage is To Sell

With buyers becoming more particular in their home search, the benefits of staging a home are not going anywhere. Online home shopping will continue for the foreseeable future so having hi-res images of your staging is the #1 way you will capture buyers' interests for a tour. Having a well-maintained & tidy home has become an important standard in the home buying search & will leave a lasting impression with buyers. At the very least, the seller should spend time preparing the living room, kitchen, dining room, & bedrooms to ensure a positive experience.

So the question was: To Stage or Not To Stage? Our answer is definitely TO STAGE!

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