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Real Estate Pro Tip Series: Top 10 Staging Tips

Updated: Oct 23, 2022

In our previous blogs (links below), we discussed the importance of staging your home & the benefits versus the costs. So, how do you perfectly stage your home to sell quickly & possibly for more?

Here we walk through every room to highlight our Top 10 Staging Tips for selling your home.

Staged Living Room & Dining Room - Real Estate For Sale Staging

1. Prepare the Interior

The first step in preparing your home for sale is to tidy up & make any necessary repairs. Decluttering the living spaces & organizing storage spaces will make a positive first impression on buyers. Buyers are looking at the amount of space & trying to determine if it will suit their life. Taking the time to fill in & paint any dents, dings, or cracks shows potential buyers that you took care of your home over the years.

2. Prepare the Exterior

First impressions matter to buyers so preparing the exterior of your home can dramatically increase the chances of them wanting to take a tour. Cleaning the roof & exterior finishes, raking the yard, & repairing any damages will give your home the curb appeal it needs to gain a lot of interest from buyers.

3. Improve Lighting

Replacing burnt-out bulbs is one of the cheapest & easiest ways to improve buyer perception of your home. Brighten up interior rooms by adding extra lighting features & consider changing exterior bulbs to a brighter color/wattage. Thoughtful lighting will help to highlight some of the best features of the property & the exterior lighting will improve the sense of security buyers look for in their home.

4. Stage the Outdoor Space

From staging the entrance with potted plants to cleaning up the landscaping, there are plenty of improvements you can make to leave a lasting impression with buyers. Outdoor living spaces tend to be in high demand with buyers so adding outdoor furniture to these spaces will highlight the higher value of your home.

5. Stage the Living Room

The living room is typically the most used in the home & usually the first room a buyer will see on a tour. Homeowners who take the time to make sure there is ample space & minimal furnishings will create a blank canvas for their potential buyers. Since the furniture is the centerpiece of the living room, homeowners should thoughtfully rearrange, add, or remove pieces to create a desirable space.

6. Stage the Master Bedroom

The primary purpose of the perfect master bedroom is to provide a relaxing & comfortable space to sleep & prepare for the day. Homeowners who create this space by simplifying the layout & by putting some thought into the interior design will leave a lasting impression on potential buyers. Choosing neutral colors on walls is typically the best practice in the bedrooms but you can still add some life with potted plants, artwork, & clever furniture.

7. Stage the Kitchen

The kitchen is one of those rooms that could be incredibly important to some buyers & not so much to others. Either way, having a well-organized & tidy kitchen is something buyers are going to look for in a home. Storing the extra appliances & kitchenware, thoughtful interior design, & adding the right centerpieces to tabletops can take your home from ordinary to extraordinary.

8. Stage the Additional Rooms

There is always value to those extra square feet in a home, why not show them off? As the homeowner, you may not even be using that extra room off the main hall, but your buyers may want to have an office, a gym, or even a bedroom for their pets. Another important room in the house to buyers is the bathrooms so sellers should make sure they stage them as well. Homeowners who prepare those extra rooms & even stage them will increase the perceived value to potential buyers.

9. 60-30-10 Rule

A big challenge homeowners will face when staging their homes is creating a cohesive interior design that provides a blank canvas for homebuyers. Professional stagers will typically use a rule of thumb where 60% of the furnishings will match the primary color, 30% will match the secondary color, & the remaining 10% is for accenting the home. Having a neutral color palette in your home makes it easier to create that eye-catching look & still provides the blank canvas for buyers.

10. Add Some Life!

We mentioned it throughout this blog already but items like house plants & thoughtful accent features really do make or break a home. With neutral colors on the walls, those bright green forms of life will give your home that extra little pop. Modest artwork & some personal photos in the right location can help buyers visualize life in their new home.

Consult with a Professional

From making the repairs to staging, how you prepare to list can really impact how quickly & easily you can sell your home. Sellers who take the time to clean up & repair the interior & exterior will show buyers that they took care of the home & will leave a better first impression. Homeowners who go the extra mile & thoughtfully stage the entire home can often see multiple offers as the buyers will have a higher perceived value of the home.

In the end, we recommend talking to an agent or staging professional to determine the best strategy for preparing your home for sale. We’d love to hear about how thoughtful staging helped you sell your home quicker, easier, or even for more money!

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