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Real Estate Pro Tip Series: 10 Tips for Organizing Your Home

Updated: Oct 23, 2022

Brace yourself, Winter is here! What better time to spend clearing those piles of junk mail, packing up those summer clothes for storage, & all those other projects we put off. Taking the time to organize your home is easier said than done, but the feeling of accomplishment when you’re finished makes it oh, so worth it. Plus, is there anything more satisfying than a sense of having it together when we head into the New Year? Here we have 10 Tips for Organizing Your Home so you can get ahead on your New Year, New Me goals.

Real Estate: 10 Tips for Organizing Your Home - Organized Living Room

1. The One Year Rule

The famous “One Year Rule,” it’s a simple way to prevent hoarding! If you haven’t used that item or worn that outfit in 365 days, odds are you won’t in 730 days either. Obviously, this doesn’t include any prized possessions, but you may want to consider discarding some of those tucked-away knick-knacks.

2. Start with the Garage

Hands down, the easiest place to start is the easiest place to become disorganized. Hang up pegboard or shelving to make the most of the vertical space & you can also dedicate a wall to hanging up small lawn care items. Don’t be afraid to get creative with a “storage locker” area using labeled totes to organize toys, decorations, & more.

3. Bookshelves & Endtables

It’s a DIY era for homeowners, why not build your own bookshelves & end tables? Of course, you can buy one from the store, but by building your own you have the ability to customize these storage spaces to your needs. Bookshelves & Endtables ultimately keep your items in a tidy space & you get to be creative with the layout. Put some personality into it!

4. Establish a Charging Station

How many devices do you have? How many times have you looked for YOUR charger? Maybe it’s time you convert an end table or other area to a dedicated charging station. Pick somewhere that’s easily accessible & if you have more than one person in the home, consider using some form of labels for the cords. There are also various types of cord management products that you can buy at many retailers & online.

5. A System for Laundry

No matter your method to the madness, the laundry is something that can get out of hand pretty quick. Consider using multiple baskets, one for each type of clothing or one for each family member. You can label the baskets if that helps, but the key is to stick to the system! Finally (& I’m guilty of this), fold & put away the clean clothes right away so they don’t sit there for 2 days & get wrinkled!

6. Closets, Closets, Closets

With so many people spending more time working from home, having an organized house can really improve your quality of life. Closets are super important to do so, in fact, homebuyers are paying closer attention to the available space. Closets are prime real estate so keeping them in order can drastically reduce the clutter in the main living areas. Dedicate specific closets & shelves to certain types of items & you can buy various dividers or containers to help keep them organized.

7. Bundle up the Bathroom

The bathroom is a pretty easy place to keep organized but there are a few extra things you can do to help. You can use hanging racks in the shower for the different items & you can add a shelf or two high on the walls for extra toiletries. Do you have a medicine cabinet with adjustable shelves? Take some time to bundle up the types of items on different shelves.

8. Space Saving Work Stations

Whether we’re talking about your work from home area to how you work your magic in the kitchen, getting creative with how you store the tools you use can free up so much space. Buying or building your own shelves, cubbies, & racks help to keep your pens, notepads, pans, & notable kitchen items organized.

9. Basements, Crawlspaces, & Attics

We’d always recommend using sturdy totes over cardboard boxes for storing your more long term or seasonal items when putting them in storage. Totes last longer, plus you can stack them to free up more floor space & be more organized. Make sure you label the boxes or totes when putting them away for easy access. Probably wouldn’t hurt to suggest going through those totes to declutter & eighty-six some excess stuff.

10. Proactive Organization

Don’t put it down, put it away. Easy to do for trash & recycling but not so easy to do with items you may use yet today like a phone charger. Find a system that works for your needs in each room & stick to it. Decluttering & organizing doesn’t have to be a chore, have some fun with finding creative ways to make it work for your personality.

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Preparing for Tours

If you’re reading this blog prior to listing your home for sale, organizing & decluttering your home is even more important for you. We cover ways to prepare for listing your home in other blogs but the key takeaway is that homebuyers' perception of your home’s value is greatly impacted by how presentable it is. Clean, tidy, & organized homes give buyers the perception that the home is ready for them to enjoy their new life.

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